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Our 12-week program will get you going immediately but at your own pace. Whether you need to jump in and learn how to run Facebook Ads or want to learn to grow your Twitter following more strategically. You decide what you need and when you need it. In our Global Access Course Inventory You will find courses to help you put together a social marketing strategy, content calendar, discover how to build your community on your social channels and how to build out your content inventory. You will learn how to optimize your profiles and make them more inviting to your social visitors. You'll also find courses on social video--live streaming, interview style and everything in between. We have a course on social graphics, where we cover everything from creating your brand style guide to using tools, both mobile and desktop, to create beautiful graphics in no time. In our video course, you'll learn how to create better videos for your business. We also have a course on Getting Started with Facebook Advertising. You will discover why you should never BOOST A POST again, and how to discover how to target your ideal audience with your ads and the tips to keep your ad costs as low as possible. You will have access to our extensive course library, our live Q&A calls,
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We are packing the cases with templates, ad samples, guidebooks and enough resources that you may be charged for overweight luggage carrying it all out!

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We do more than cheer you on in here. We offer feedback, specific answers, and yes, we all cheer real loud for each other's successes and encourage you on those days when you hit a pothole or two.