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SocialKNX was founded over 10 years ago focusing on helping organizations and small to midsized businesses use today’s technology to reach their audience in new ways. We incorporated social media tools with digital marketing strategies and we built a multi-million dollar company. But I met so many solopreneurs and small businesses who couldn’t afford to outsource their marketing to an agency. They just wanted someone to point them in the right direction or answer their questions about setting up a Facebook account for their business. I heard from so many people who got poor advice on their social marketing or horrible business advice and now were just frustrated and wanting to throw in the towel on their business.

I  wanted to create a place that felt like a comfortable co-working environment (with a coffee cooler instead of a water cooler) and a place that could also be a source for learning and sharing tools and success stories–you know we all need people who can high-five us when we have one of those awesome days, or to lift our spirits when we have one of those tough days.

I love helping people “get it” whether it’s regarding technology, marketing concepts, or how to stay the course and weather the entrepreneurial storms. (I made the leap and started my first company, Pinnacle Group, in 1995) and I know, we all just want the EASY BUTTON in our lives.

Thankfully, we now have that SWEET SPOT to come to … DIY.social 

In Our DIY.social Programs You’ll Get:

A Membership Roadmap

Because you shouldn’t embark upon a long journey without some sort of map or guide to show you the way. This will direct you if you are a beginner or a seasoned traveler.

In-Depth Courses

Whether you have a new business idea you need to flush out and develop a plan for, or you want to learn how to get your content universe bringing you more leads or how to set up your Facebook Business Page the right way, we’ve got you covered.

Our courses include:

Building your social marketing strategy including identifying your ideal customer and building out your customer personas, doing the research to find where they are hanging out online and planning a content calendar;
Creating your content inventory–blogging and basic SEO, writing social media content, creating lead magnets and more;
Becoming a more social LOCAL business and managing those pesky review sites
Building your community–Getting more followers and fans strategically;
Tools and tips for creating better graphics;
Social video–Live streaming tools and tips, short social video tips and tools
Deep dives on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and more.
Overcoming the mental blocks that kill long term business success

Live Events

Sometimes you just want to share success stories and get your questions answered. We will be holding WEEKLY LIVE events, webinars, Q&A, sometimes even ONE-ON-ONE…WHAT??? CRAZY! We love connecting with you and celebrating your journey! These LIVE sessions are meant to help hold you accountable and ensure your success in the program.


We want to ensure your success journey is smooth and remove as many obstacles as possible as you travel. We’ve got templates, tip sheets, guidebooks, content calendars and more!

Travel Buddies Community

This entrepreneurial journey can be too quiet at times and we need someone who will cheer, celebrate, let us scream out our frustrations over Facebook’s latest changes or just to cry with us (at least let us do the crying). That’s what the community is about. GET SOME ANSWERS, share your WINS or GNASH YOUR TEETH! (these are actual forums) That’s what we’re here for!

One-on-One Guidance… When You Need It

There are times when things are just harder than others. During these times, we want someone to walk us through and guide us out of the muck so we can see clearly again. At DIY.social my goal is to be there to encourage you and occasionally help you through that muck.

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