Path and Pieces for Your Content Marketing

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content marketing confusion

Have you ever asked a question to an engineer or other highly technical person, only to sit there wondering what language she was speaking after 10 minutes? I remember asking my dad a question about my computer’s hard drive and I realized after about 15-minutes that my eyes had glazed over and I’m pretty sure he was now explaining how to build a computer.  I call that the CURSE OF KNOWLEDGE! He was trying to download all the knowledge he had, into my 1MG capacity for that. Today someone asked me about the content and email marketing process and I suddenly realized I had the curse. I was having a difficult time explaining it without sounding completely overwhelming.

What stops most people from progressing on their goals, is many times, the paralyzing feeling of overwhelm. The next step seems too complex or there are so many steps, we can’t seem to make sense of what to do next. I thought perhaps an image would help layout the path and the pieces to getting your email and content marketing plan moving.  Content marketing is much more than throwing a post up on Facebook or Twitter. It’s more than a well thought out blog post or email to potential customers. It is all of those and more.

The great news is, we don’t have to do it ALL in one shot. Content marketing is kind of like owning a home…you are never finished fixing it up. As soon as you get everything looking just like you want it, the front porch banisters will come loose. When creating content that you will share on social media and your website, the more you have the better. Your potential customers have an insatiable appetite for great content, and it is your job to feed them what they want to keep them coming back.

After going through this infographic, what questions bubble up? Post your questions in our group or in one of our member forums. I promise not make your eyes glaze over.


One thought on “Path and Pieces for Your Content Marketing

  1. Joseph Segal says:

    This is really great Thank you!!!
    You made it simple. Step by step.

    You know what might be really cool? A video tutorial or class on the above process?

    I can see this being an entire online class or a college course.

    And I’d love to see various case studies including the results achieved and how to measure the results etc.

    Thanks for sharing this.

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