Our Philosophy

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What do you FEEL when you look at these three images? Do you want to hang out here? What if you could come into a place like this and get work done, get help when you need it and share your challenges and successes with others? That’s the philosophy here at DIY.social. It’s your virtual co-working space. A place to come and learn, share, and get work done!

When you have questions, we don’t want you to have to sift through Google search results page after page reading someone’s answer from 2011. Try getting an answer from Facebook or LinkedIn when you are trying to find how to just add someone as an admin to a business page…Good Luck! DIY.social is like your online University mixed with a helpdesk and barista! MMmmmmmm.

This was one of my early dreams, by-the-way. To open a co-working, coffee-consuming, cool hangout just like this. The getting up at 5am to make the coffee was the problem for me.